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The Hive


If your aim is to travel and discover, if you are searching for experiences, make new friends and encounters, create new bonds, visit the Colosseum or have a walk down Via del Corso, and all of this is no longer sufficient for you… then there is a place in Rome where all of this is possible. 

You are not only living the social network but returning to the real social life, where you can form genuine bonds with new people alongside a glass of wine while listening to some captivating music on the background and chatting with someone next to you, eating, sharing, living the modern Rome, after a stroll and wonder around the ancient roads of Rome. 

All of this would be like listening to the pulsating heartbeat of the city: what sound would it have? A buzz, a hive where each one of us is a small bee that is working, loving, talking, riding and living.


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